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#3 Place the framework: Network with financially insightful, and financially secure individuals who will help guide you toward your retirement goals.

ThinkstockPhotos-464999245Many people worry about what others think. And when you operate like this, you’ve just given your power over to others. People frequently make major decisions about their own lives based on assumptions about what their friends or family might think. Unknowingly, they’ve appointed these people as the designated drivers of their lives.

Have you ever been around people who have expectant, positive and unshakable attitudes? Such attitudes are like airborne viruses – they’re extremely contagious – you can’t be with these people for any extended period of time without catching some of what they have. Their infectious excitement, joy, hope and wisdom are like a hurricane impacting people wherever they go. But unlike a hurricane, it’s a positive impact.

On the other hand, there are people whose beliefs and attitudes expose their doubts and disbeliefs, cynicisms and criticisms about life in general. These people have one way of doing things – their way or the highway – and their knowledge of living is usually misguided.

You need grounded people to keep you focused, people who are able to ignore their discomfort and to work harder than ever before – to push beyond their old limits of strength. These people are needed to help others do what they will not do on their own.

When some people walk into a room, they stimulate joy, while others eliminate it; some invite laughter while others extinguish it. What emotions do you arrive with when you think about investing? If you feel anxiety, fear, and anger, that’s going to affect whether you can ever be a successful investor. It’s truly all in your attitude.

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