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Investment Tidbit 5

Better mortgage rates

Different investments behave differently during different times. As an example, when the real-estate market was booming in the ‘70s, the stock market had some of its worst years. Large-cap stocks were the top performing asset class in the late ‘90s, but did poorly in the 2000, 2001 and 2002 years. Halfway through 2003, large-cap stocks (growth and value) were up substantially.

At times, the market has gone down and stayed down for a long time. At other times, it has dipped and flipped back up again. Try to mentally prepare for market “corrections,” commonly referred to as a bear market, when the stock market experiences a decline of more than 20 percent. Learn to expect the unexpected.

If you have access to an advisor, work with him or her to develop a personal strategy in the form of a statement of investment objectives; then commit to it in writing and stick with it. Having your own personal investment plan for accumulating capital will help you set reasonable goals and manage your expectations for reaching them. Plus, it will help you avoid investor panic and stop you from making a short term move when you hear something on the news. Personal behavior can be your worst enemy.

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